Riglet Ambassador Annika Mang

Advice from Snowboard Mom: Annika Mang

For our next installment of “Advice from a Snowboard Mom,” we caught up with Riglet Ambassador Annika Mang. Annika is a Blogger and founder of BorntobeAdventurous.com. A mother of two, she pulls from wisdom gained raising her two adventurous little girls. Learn more about Annika and her experience introducing her daughters, (ages two and four) to snowboarding.

Snowboard Mom Annika Mang

When life gives you lemons, make lifetime memories

We recently invited our friend Mike Chait, PR Director of Smugglers’ Notch to recap an experience he and his resort had hosting a Riglet Park event in NYC this summer. In his guest post, Mike reflects on how lessons he learned from childhood helped him see the bright side of a less-than-ideal situation. Read Mike’s positive take on how to turn lemons into lifetime family memories below.

Smuggler's Notch Riglet Event

Fun for Kids at Bariloche Riglet Park

We recently caught up with Agustín “Tincho” Palomeque, Bariloche Riglet Park Manager. After hosting a launch event for the opening of the new Riglet Park at Bariloche, we asked if he could recap his experience to share. Read below to hear about Tincho’s event and what it was like to introduce kids to their first snowboarding experience.

Bariloche Riglet Park

5 Features in an Awesome Kids Backpack

Fall is just around the corner and the kids are starting to, or getting ready to head back to school. It’s time to figure out what new school supplies they’ll need. What’s the most important piece of gear for a successful school year? A great kids backpack! We’ve put together a list of suggested features to look for when finding the perfect backpack for your little rider.

Burton Kids Backpacks

Advice from a Snowboard Mom: Kristi Subia

If you follow Burton Riglet on Instagram, you’ll have seen a few pictures of an adorable little girl named Maisie, who has a love of sideways sports. From snowboarding to wakeboarding this little girl can rip and she’s only 2 years old! Behind every adventurous child is a parent who encourages and nurtures that behavior. Read our spotlight on snowboard Mom, Kristi Subia to learn more about her experience parenting such an adventurous child.

Advice from a Snowboard Mom: Kristi Subia


3 Helpful Tips for Finding Your next Kid’s Rain Jacket

Your typical, kids’ rain jacket has gone through quite the evolution over the years. With greater versatility and quality waterproofing, gone are the days of staring out the window waiting for the rain to stop. Playing, hiking, and adventuring in all weather conditions now fill those days. Though we can’t promise to eliminate all the tantrums on a family adventure, we can help you prevent melt downs in rainy weather with gear that keeps your kids dry.

Burton Kids' Rain Jacket

3 Key Features to look for in Great Technical Kids’ Hoodies

Classic kids’ hoodies have been a staple of most summer-camp packing lists for a long time. When parents lose the debate with their kids over wearing a jacket, a technical hoodie is a compromise both parties can get behind. Here are some features to look for that make technical kids’ hoodies rise above their cotton counterparts.

 Photo: Riglet Ambassador Annika Mang- Burton kids' hoodies