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Giving students a chance to stand sideways!

Burton Riglet Snowboard

One to two students pull while one student rides, grabs, and turns through courses in the gym. Riding is great for balance, coordination, core strength, and flexibility and pulling is a full body workout.

  • Custom PE, floor protecting Hover Cover
  • Strong rope & reel pulling attachment
  • Pulling handles for single or team pulling

Burton Throwback Board

Meant for larger 3rd to 8th graders, the Throwback Board is longer and wider than the Riglet Board and designed to look like the early Burton boards from the 1980’s. The board can be used indoors with its specially designed Hover Cover and pull handle, or without the cover to go outside and on snow.


Used to develop balance, coordination, and core strength. Board’s spoon shape works on any surface and allows the rider to maneuver in a manner that simulates snowboarding. Boards are safe and fun for students of all ages and abilities.



Teaches students the names and positions of popular snowboarding grabs. It's a great aerobic workout and improves coordination, agility, and reaction times to auditory and visual cues.

Up to 6 players and six dice/game leader. All ages


Olympic gold medalist, Kelly Clark, is joined by Burton team pro riders, Dan Davis and Ben Ferguson. Students perform snowboarding warm-up exercises and dry land tricks while listening to and watching snowboarding icons.

DVD has option for 5min station loops for 30-minute class


Burton Riglet School Manual

Provides detail instructions for school teachers on how to utilize the Riglet School kit in the classroom.

Find the Right Kit for your Needs

Our traveling Burton Riglet Park is all about opportunity! Opportunity for our snowsports coaches to offer a hands on approach in learning to snowboard. It has given our resorts an incredible opportunity to connect with people that have never slid on the snow. And most importantly, it has given kids the chance to learn a new sport and another avenue for a healthy, active childhood.
Alex Moser, Director of Marketing & Communications, Seven Springs Mountain Resort
The Riglet Park has revolutionized our approach to teaching kids to shred. Kids are able to attain their goals while having fun, leaving the hill feeling like they have accomplished something rather than just participating.
Mike Chait, Snowboard Manager, Smugglers Notch Resort Snow Sports University
As part of our community outreach program we’ve gone into Oregon public schools and taken over their PE classes using the Burton Riglet program! We use the Riglet boards indoors to get kids active and excited about snowboarding!
Caressa Binion, Mt. Hood Meadows Marketing Manager
The Burton Riglet Park is so much fun! There's no reason the little ones can't start snowboarding at any age!
Zach Koneffko, Liberty Mountain Digital Media Coordinator
The Riglet Park is an amazing purpose-built learning tool with features designed to help kids learn by doing - disguised as a fun, bright, cheerful playground on the snow. The perfect environment for kids to be introduced to the lifetime activity of snowboarding. The kids want to shred. Let ‘em shred!
Andrew MacLean, Martock, GM

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