5 Features in an Awesome Kids Backpack

Fall is just around the corner and the kids are starting to, or getting ready to head back to school. It’s time to figure out what new school supplies they’ll need. What’s the most important piece of gear for a successful school year? A great kids backpack! We’ve put together a list of suggested features to look for when finding the perfect backpack for your little rider.

Burton Kids Backpacks


Identification Window

No more name tags flopping around on the outside of your kids’ bag waiting to snag or tear away. Look for a kids backpack that has a built-in ID window where you can securely put your child’s information without worry of a tag getting lost.
All Burton kids backpacks come with a built-in ID Window.

Burton Kids Backpacks


Chest Strap

Have you ever noticed the shoulder straps on your kid’s backpack sliding off their arms? There’s an easy fix for that! Look for kids backpacks that have a chest strap running between their shoulder straps. When connected, the chest strap will help keep your child’s pack secure on their back for a more comfortable fit when lugging around school supplies.
All Burton kids backpacks come with a chest strap.

Burton Kids Backpacks


Water Bottle Pockets

It’s always important to hydrate, and having quick access to a water bottle or drink pocket is key. It’s also important to keep a potentially leaky water bottle away from the inside of your child’s pack where it could damage important school supplies, (like library books!) Look for a kids backpack with an easily accessible, exterior water bottle pocket and keep kids and their school supplies happy and dry.
The Burton Gromlet and Youth Day Hiker Pack feature exterior water bottle pockets. The Burton Metalhead Pack features an insulated, exterior drink pocket.

Burton Kids Backpacks


Specialty Pockets

When looking for the right backpack for your child, keep in mind the types of supplies and storage they need. Many kids backpacks feature easily-accessible, smaller pockets for supplies like snacks. Some backpacks have removable, accessory pouches for things like pens and pencils. Many now come with padded pockets for electronics to keep them safe. Consider the types of items your child will need to carry every day when looking for their next backpack.
The Burton Youth Tinder, Youth Day Hiker, Metalhead, Emphasis, and Gromlet packs feature a padded laptop sleeve. Additionally, the Emphasis pack features a removable accessory pouch.

Burton Kids Backpacks


Skateboard and Snowboard Straps

Because your child isn’t just using their backpack for school, consider the other activities they might need a burly, versatile backpack for. Some kids backpacks come with exterior straps to make towing around a skateboard, or snowboard, easy. Keep this in mind when looking for a pack for your little shredder.
The Burton Youth Day Hiker features exterior snowboard straps. The Youth Emphasis and Metalhead Pack feature exterior skateboard straps that can also be used to carry a Burton Riglet Board.

Burton Kids Backpacks

Kids Backpacks come in an amazing range of colors and patterns, so don’t forget to find a kids backpack that fits your child’s personality so they head back to school in style.

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