Fun for Kids at Bariloche Riglet Park

We recently caught up with Agustín “Tincho” Palomeque, Bariloche Riglet Park Manager. After hosting a launch event for the opening of the new Riglet Park at Bariloche, we asked if he could recap his experience to share. Read below to hear about Tincho’s event and what it was like to introduce kids to their first snowboarding experience.

Bariloche Riglet Park

We were very excited to announce the launch of the Burton Riglet Park at the base of Cerro Catedral, San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina. We launched the event by helping bring underprivileged children to the mountain. CAAT 2/3 – Social, Supportive and Cultural Development Secretary of the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, Pentecostal Church of Bariloche and the Eje de Familias, helped assemble and provide 15 kids with an opportunity to visit a Resort for the first time to try snowboarding. We couldn’t have imagined a better way to kick off our mission to help pull kids into snowboarding.

Located in a unique spot, the Bariloche Riglet Park sits within the commercial base of the resort at the Shopping Las Terrazas on a large, exterior deck. Instructors greeted each of the kids as they arrived at the Riglet Park, with bibs and name tags for each child. All the kids were full of energy and growing expectations for their first snowboarding experience.

Bariloche Riglet Park

After initial greetings, the Riglet Park Staff played some games to get the kids warmed up and then split the group into three teams based on the children’s ages. The kids named each team: the Condores, the Dolphins, and the Kittens. The groups enjoyed alternating through a series of learning stations. These stations included a grab game and balance training. Kids also enjoyed being pulled over park features, jumping on a trampoline, and skating a mini ramp. Ultimately they all learned to stand sideways and were pulled through the Riglet Park with the use of Burton Riglet Reels.

Everyone from all the organization came together to create a unique and memorable experience for each child. The adults enjoyed being part of the action as well. The expressions on the kids’ faces spoke for themselves, but it was also inspiring to hear kids say, “I want to be a snowboarder” or “snowboarding is what I like the most in the world.” Considering some of these kids had never expected to visit a resort it was encouraging to hear how much they enjoyed their experience.

Bariloche Riglet Park

To conclude their journey the whole group visited the “El Filo Café” inside the shopping center. Each child received a hot chocolate and free pair socks donated by Panamedias. With warm bellies, toasty feet, and happy hearts, we finished a hard but unforgettable Riglet Park day. We’re very proud to have the opportunity to pull kids in the right direction and are grateful to have the chance to share snowboarding, a sport we love so much, with others.

Interested in checking out the Burton Riglet Park at Bariloche with your kids? The Riglet Park is open daily from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm for the remainder of the season, and there is a special, Riglet Park event, Día de la Primavera, scheduled for September 21st. Check out their Facebook page for more details to get your child started with snowboarding.

Agustín “Tincho” Palomeque has been snowboarding for 24 years. His wife Mery and two daughters, Joaquina and Candela are also snowboarders.
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