Advice from a Snowboard Mom: Kristi Subia

If you follow Burton Riglet on Instagram, you’ll have seen a few pictures of an adorable little girl named Maisie, who has a love of sideways sports. From snowboarding to wakeboarding this little girl can rip and she’s only 2 years old! Behind every adventurous child is a parent who encourages and nurtures that behavior. Read our spotlight on snowboard Mom, Kristi Subia to learn more about her experience parenting such an adventurous child.

Advice from a Snowboard Mom: Kristi Subia


3 Helpful Tips for Finding Your next Kid’s Rain Jacket

Your typical, kids’ rain jacket has gone through quite the evolution over the years. With greater versatility and quality waterproofing, gone are the days of staring out the window waiting for the rain to stop. Playing, hiking, and adventuring in all weather conditions now fill those days. Though we can’t promise to eliminate all the tantrums on a family adventure, we can help you prevent melt downs in rainy weather with gear that keeps your kids dry.

Burton Kids' Rain Jacket

3 Key Features to look for in Great Technical Kids’ Hoodies

Classic kids’ hoodies have been a staple of most summer-camp packing lists for a long time. When parents lose the debate with their kids over wearing a jacket, a technical hoodie is a compromise both parties can get behind. Here are some features to look for that make technical kids’ hoodies rise above their cotton counterparts.

 Photo: Riglet Ambassador Annika Mang- Burton kids' hoodies

Interview with Designer Kyle Sauter: Creator of Orbit, The Riglet Space Dog

Have you heard about Riglet Spaceman’s new sidekick? His name is Orbit, the Riglet Space Dog! Orbit made his debut at the beginning of this winter as part of the new Burton Kids’ LTR board graphic. We caught up with the designer who created Orbit and the kids board graphic, Kyle Sauter. Learn about where Kyle got his inspiration for Orbit as well as the overall, space graphics that have become the theme for the Burton Riglet Snowboarding program.

Spotlight on Snowboard Mom: Miya Howells

Todays “Spotlight on Snowboard Mom” features Miya Howells, Burton’s Product Line Merchandiser for bags, luggage and travel. Miya has worked at Burton for 3.5 years and has been an avid snowboarder for 17 years.  Mother of a two-year-old girl named Hana, Miya has developed great insight into what it’s like to be a snowboard parent. We asked her a few questions about her experience as she introduced her daughter Hana to the world of snowboarding.


March into Spring with Kids Snowboarding

It’s March, and Spring is just around the corner, and for some of us it’s already here. Did you know Spring is a great time for kids snowboarding? If you’re a parent who’s been waiting for the perfect time to get your kids started, don’t wait for next season! Spring is the best time for them to learn. Here’s why.


Gone Boarding with Erin Overholt

Burton Riglet invited guest Blogger, Erin Overholt to share her experience of helping teach kids to snowboard through Gone Snowboarding’s Riglet school and on-snow sessions. Erin is a student of the Gone Boarding Program from Forest Hills Northern HS, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read below to learn more about Erin’s experience.

Spotlight Riglet Park: Mount Snow Resort

Today’s Spotlight Riglet Park is on Mount Snow located in West Dover, Vermont. Mount Snow has hosted the Burton Riglet Park as part of their kids’ 3-6 year old, snowboard learning program for four years. Through their Riglet Park program they’ve helped countless children find success with the sport of snowboarding.