3 Reasons Why You Need a Great Kids Fleece

Burton youth Fleece

Fall has arrived and with it cooler temps meaning it’s time for cozy layers. There’s nothing better than a soft fleece to keep kids warm and dry. Here’s why.


1. It’s Hydrophobic

Hydro what? Hydrophobic. The make-up of the fibers naturally repels water. As opposed to soaking up moisture, the fleece will push it away. Many fleece fabrication options you will find are also made up of recycled content. With outdoor gear companies leading the sustainability initiative, more companies have been leaning towards this recycled direction. Combine this hydrophobic property with a wicking first layer, and you’re on your way to becoming a dry and warm layering champ.

Burton youth Fleece


2. It’s Cozy

While you won’t find cozy on any adult fleece feature list, it is an important part in gearing up a child. Finding a naturally technical fabrication that a child can tolerate makes getting ready easier. It doesn’t matter how many features a garment has if you can’t get a child to wear it.

Burton youth Fleece


3. It’s Warm

There is a broad range of fleece types in the outdoor market, from short to high pile (the raised surface of the fabric.) While an extreme high pile might make your child look like a fuzzy bear, it does have extra warmth due to the larger fibers creating greater air pockets that trap in more heat. No matter the pile, all fleeces will keep a wearer warm in this same way. The wearer will also find that a thicker version has the added benefit of blocking out the wind.

Burton youth Fleece


Bonus Fleece Benefit

Fleece is machine washable, which is always an important feature to look for when purchasing gear for active, (and possibly messy) kids.

When packing up for a day outside, make the fleece a regular layer in your child’s gear bag. When the weather changes suddenly it’s beneficial to have this extra layer handy enable to squeeze in a few more house of play.

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