10 Holiday Gifts For Your Snowboard Kid

This Holiday Season we want to help you shop for your little snowboarders, or soon to be snowboard kid! We’ve put together a list of ten, great gift ideas that your kids will love, and will help them enjoy playing in the snow this winter!

Kids Holiday Snowboard Gifts


Riglet Board

A great way to start them indoors, or in the backyard! The Burton Riglet board comes with the Burton Riglet Reel pre-attached so you can tow your child around at their pace while they learn. Add the Burton Hover Cover for smooth, indoor surfaces and your kids can cruise anywhere.

Burton Riglet Board


Gromlet Backpack

Coming in a slew of fun patterns, kids will be excited to carry all their gloves, hats and riding layers, as well as toys for the car ride home, in their Burton Gromlet Backpack. Need something with a bit more space? Check out our wide variety of backpacks for kids!

Burton Kids Gromlet Backpack


Spooner Board

Snowboarding requires balance and a great way to help your kids learn their balance before they hop on a snowboard is with a Spooner Board. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Spooner board is a great tool for kids ages three and up.

Spooner Board

Earl’s Big Adventure in Japan Book

When they’re done their day of snowboarding and their ready to cozy up for a night time read, Earl’s Big Adventure keeps the snowboard excitement alive. Written by Hanna Haidar, Earl’s adventures are inspired by Hanna’s travel experience.

Earl's Big Adventure Series


Minishred Base Layer

Keep them warm and dry with Burton Minishred Base Layer. The warmer they are, the more kids enjoy playing outside because they’re comfortable. Not to mention they’re fun to hang out around the house to play in after riding.

Burton Minishred Base Layer


Throwback Board

Based off the Burton Backhill board from 1981, give your kids the chance to experience snowboarding the way you did as a kid with the Burton Throwback board. Available down to a size 100cm. Great to take to any local sledding hill or backyard pitch.

Burton Throwback Board


Mini Grom Snowboard Boot

Super soft and warm with velcro strap closure that’s so easy kids can put them on themselves! The Burton Mini Grom Snowboard Boots go down to a size 7c so even the little’s of kids can snowboard.

Burton Mini Grom Snowboard Boot

Define Helmet

The anon. Define helmet is a convenient way to get both the goggles and helmet they need for their on-snow experience. With the Strapper-Keeper technology the goggles come pre-attached with snug on-the-face placement. No worrying about losing goggles off the back of the helmet. With Boa® fit system a simple turn of the dial can provide ultimate fit.

anon. Define Helmet


After School Special

Are they ready for their own snowboard setup? The Burton After School Special comes with snowboard and bindings to make your job easy! Comes in an easy-to-wrap box that will fit nicely under a tree. Don’t forget to put a Burton Riglet Reel in their stocking so you can tow them around on the snow.

Burton After School Special


Kids’ Snowboard Lesson

Whether they’re new to snowboarding or are looking to progress their skills, the best gift you can give your kids this Holiday is a kids’ snowboard lesson at a Resort near you. Check with your local Resort to learn more about their kids’ snowboard lesson programs. If you’re traveling this Holiday check with the Resort your traveling to, to see what lesson will work best for your kids. And don’t forget to find a Burton Riglet Park near you!