3 Key Features to look for in Great Technical Kids’ Hoodies

Classic kids’ hoodies have been a staple of most summer-camp packing lists for a long time. When parents lose the debate with their kids over wearing a jacket, a technical hoodie is a compromise both parties can get behind. Here are some features to look for that make technical kids’ hoodies rise above their cotton counterparts.

 Photo: Riglet Ambassador Annika Mang- Burton kids' hoodies

Water resistant outer layer

This is where you will find the biggest difference between your traditional kids’ hoodies and technical ones. A technical hoodie typically has two layers bonded together. The inside layer is made of fleece, and the outer layer has a DWR coating. DWR is a durable water repellent that keeps wind and rain at bay. Cotton, on the other hand, will become saturated and damp in adverse weather.

Thumb holes

Similar to what you might find in active wear and base layers, the thumb hole feature is a great crowd pleaser. Small slits in the cuffs of the sweat-shirt provide homes for thumbs. This helps keep sleeves in place when little ones are running around. They also provide extra warmth on colder days by pulling the material down further over your child’s hands.


Photo: Riglet Ambassador Annika Mang- Burton kids' hoodies


Zippered pockets

While not a guarantee on all technical kids’ hoodies, zippered pockets are always a nice, additional feature to have.  Zippered pockets provide the security of keeping kids snacks, toys, or that special rock they just found, safe from being lost.

Ready to get your kids into a technical hoodie and out of their cotton one? Then check out Burton’s line of technical kids’ hoodies with sizes going down all the way to a 2T. Stay warm and dry this summer on your family adventures with your technical kids’ hoodies.

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