Kids Snowboarding Layering Tips

Nothing can cut short the fun of a kids snowboarding experience like being too cold, too hot or just plain sweaty. Here are some layering tips to outfit your child for success so they can enjoy snowboarding at any time of year.

Burton Kids Snowboarding Layers

Designed to wick sweat and keep your child warm, this layer lies closest to the skin. Thermals are essential layering pieces for snowboarding. They come in different materials and weights to accommodate variations in temperature and weather. While doing their job of keeping your child warm they’re also stretchy and breathable, making them comfortable both on and off the snow.

Snowboard Socks
Similar to how thermal layers help kids wick sweat and stay dry, snowboard socks do the same for their feet. Comfortable, warm feet are key to the success of any kid’s snowboarding experience. That’s why it’s important to understand some fundamental rules about the socks your child wears to snowboard in.

Burton Kids Snowboarding Socks

Rule #1- Don’t wear cotton
Cotton socks are unable to wick sweat, absorbing moisture and making your child’s feet cold. One of the easiest ways to improve your kid’s snowboarding experience is to avoid cotton and use snowboard specific socks made of special material to wick sweat and stay warm throughout the day. Same rules apply for your base layer. Cotton close to the skin will absorb moisture and make your child colder. Stick with a thermal layer designed to do it’s job and keep your kid warm, dry and happy.

Rule #2- Only wear one pair of socks
It’s not uncommon to see kids putting on multiple pairs of socks in an effort to keep their little feet warm. However this does just the opposite! Snowboard boots, like other winter boots, are designed for your child’s foot size, and one thick pair of snowboarding socks. By adding a second pair of socks you limit their movement in the boot to keep their toes warm. This often adds pressure to sensitive receptors in the foot that can cut off circulation, making their feet even colder. Stick to one pair and call it a day!

Now that you know the benefits of snowboarding first layers, you’ll find your kids enjoying their snowboarding experience that much more! Remember as March goes out like a lamb, thermals and snowboard socks change thickness and weight to accommodate warmer temperatures. Dress properly for the weather and enjoy snowboarding with your whole family!