The Little Shredders in Australia

Despite having short winters and a small alpine region, snowboarding is one of the most popular participation sports in Australia. The sport attracts over 1.2 million people in Australia every year. Building off of snowboarding’s popularity, the The Little Shredders initiative was born. The Little Shredder’s initiative offers kids from all over the country a chance to experience snowboarding before they ever set foot on snow.


Little Shredders Program


About The Little Shredders

Based on the popularity of the Burton Riglet Program, Little Shredders is a brand new participation program. It was developed by Ski and Snowboard Australia in conjunction with Burton to bring the basics of snow sports to primary schools and community organizations. The program provides children the opportunity to learn the basics of snow sports from the convenience of the school yard, through game based learning.

Little Shredders utilizes a curriculum of fun and inclusion through off-snow modules. Delivered in the school ground, these modules help prepare children for an on snow experience. These modules cover skills such as balance, technique, equipment and snow safety. The program helps children build spacial awareness through exercises in a fun, team environment. Working with the Australian Sports Commission, The Little Shredders program was built to develop basic, alpine motor skills. Not only are the students having fun, the teachers are enjoying the experience as well.


Little Shredders Program


The Golden Ticket for Kids

The program includes The Golden Ticket, which provides every child a chance at an on-snow experience. Any child that completes a Little Shredders 4 or 6 session program, will be given the Golden Ticket to use for a snowboarding lesson package at a participating resort.

Do you live in Australia and have little kids interested in learning to snowboard? Learn more about The Little Shredders Initiative and how your child can participate. Share your children’s experience with us this winter by posting a comment.