Meet Our New Riglet Ambassadors!

It is that time of year again when we get to announce our newest Riglet Ambassadors! Joining the ambassador family this year we have:

The Sasaki Family | @thesasakisquad
Riglets: Gracie (7) and Kylie (5)
Home Mountain: Mountain Creek and Big Snow

“We are a family of four snowboarders! Dad started snowboarding at age 15 in 1989, and Mom started in the early 2000s. She stopped for a while but then picked it back up when we met in 2009. Gracie started at 23 months in 2015 and Kylie got on a board at 2 years old in 2018!” – Storm Sasaki

The Latimer Family | @paigelatimer_
Riglets: Willow (6) and Winter (11)
Home Mountain: Hotham Alpine Resort

“Whether it’s on a snowboard, skateboard, surfboard or skis, our family of four love to shred together! You will find us enjoying a Southern Hemisphere winter at our home mountain, Hotham Alpine Resort, located in Victoria, Australia. Willow, our mini shredder, has been snowboarding alongside me since she could walk at 16 months young – she is joined by her older sister, Winter, who loves to shred around the mountain on her skis with their ex-competitive big mountain skier Dad, Benn. When we’re not on the snow you will find us seeking surfing adventures at local beaches, skateboarding at nearby parks or on our new indoor ramp that Benn lovingly built during the global pandemic. We encourage more families to get out riding together, have fun and let the good times roll!” – Paige Latimer

The Grice Family | @Grice_groms
Riglets: James (3), Henry (6) and Thomas (8)
Home Mountain: Snow Valley

“We are a family of five that loves to ride boards, especially snowboards. It has been so cool to watch our kids progress from tiny little guys just learning to find their balance on a snowboard into proficient little mini shreds who challenge us to keep up. We have long, cold winters where we live and snowboarding is what gets us out of the house almost daily. When we aren’t snowboarding we are skateboarding, hiking, and camping.” – Nancy Richmond

The Arias Family | @Bennybanksbikes
Riglet: Benjamin (4)
Home Mountain: Sky Tavern

“Benny loves adventure and action of all kinds. Whether it’s on a Chopper 90, BMX bike, skateboard, or kayak. Living down the mountain from beautiful Lake Tahoe, those adventures can be found year-round. No matter the season, he is ready for whatever Mother Earth has planned.”- Ashlee Arias

Learn more about our newest ambassadors as we highlight them on Instagram and Facebook over the next few weeks!