Spotlight Riglet Park: Mount Snow Resort

Today’s Spotlight Riglet Park is on Mount Snow located in West Dover, Vermont. Mount Snow has hosted the Burton Riglet Park as part of their kids’ 3-6 year old, snowboard learning program for four years. Through their Riglet Park program they’ve helped countless children find success with the sport of snowboarding.



What makes Mount Snow’s Riglet Park program so unique is the amazing, on-snow and indoor experience. Located in the Discovery Center, kids who sign up for Riglet snowboarding lessons have their own Riglet room for gear up, indoor training and break times.



The Riglet Room is complete with balance training tools and games to help kids prepare for their on-snow experience. It also features activities for break time such as coloring sheets with the Riglet space theme and a draw-your-own-snowboard graphic. There’s a giant, Riglet coloring board on the wall complete with a full Riglet park graphic. Planets hang from the ceiling and large space graphics cover the wall making the room a animated and fun space. Along the far wall are cubbies for kids to store their gear when on break. On another wall are pint-sized Burton snowboards, lined up and waiting for their mini occupants to take them out on snow.




Once the kids are geared up and ready to go, they head out through the Discovery Center’s rental shop. Right outside the rental shop doors is the Burton Riglet Park. Surrounded in bright yellow, branded snow fencing with large Space theme cut outs at the entrance, the park is filled with all kinds of fun obstacles for kids to learn snowboarding skills on. From hula hoop arches, to limbo stations, sliding boxes, rooftop features to cones, animation and play exist throughout the park and help kids learn the basics.


Each child wears a special, space-themed bib that helps their instructors identify them. The bib also comes with a handle on the back to make maneuvering the kids around the park, (along with the Burton Riglet Reel,) a breeze. Kids pretend the handles are their jet packs that help propel them around the park.



What makes the Mount Snow Riglet Park even more unique, is their Riglet Park play shed. Located in the back corner of the park, the Riglet Park play shed is covered in fun animation. On one side are a set of kid sized stairs that lead into the shed. Two open spaces on different sides of the shed provide drop in ramps for the kids to work on their snowboarding skills with more speed. The shed helps with the children’s progression while adding a whole new play element to the learning experience.




If you are looking for a great place to take your kids to learn or progress their snowboarding skills, check out Mount Snow’s Riglet Park program. Their Riglet Park lessons are available every day of the week with two sessions available each day. Make sure to show up a half hour early for your lesson to get geared up and situated. Your kids will love their learning experience at Mount Snow.

Watch our walk through of the Burton Riglet Park at Mount Snow with instructor Cody Laframboise.