4 Cozy Warm Reasons Why You Need A Puffy Jacket

You might have noticed a plethora of insulator or puffy jackets lining the aisles of your favorite retail shop. Previously used predominantly by extreme outdoor enthusiast, now puffy jackets are worn more widely. This holds true not just for men and women but for youth. As the adult market has grown, so has the youth offering. Here are four reasons why a puffy jacket or insulator is a good investment for your child’s winter wear.



A puffy jacket is an excellent addition during transitional seasons when strong breezes can make a child go from comfortable to chilly. Kids’ backpacks are chalk full of school supplies and miscellaneous treasures. Fitting a jacket inside can be near impossible. Some puffy jackets are explicitly designed to be packable into a pocket or sack while others are inherently stuffable into a small place. “Packable” is a feature you can look for when picking an insulator out for your child. Helpful fact, the down insulation option will pack up better and easier than the synthetic.
Insulation tends to come in synthetic or down options. Deciding on which to go with is a personal choice.


Burton Kids Reversible Flex Puffy Jacket



They work for layering and outerwear use. An insulator/ puffy can be your go-to jacket for your child in the fall. As temps start to drop, a puffy or insulator can transform into a layering piece that your child can wear under a winter jacket. If the primary planned use is for layering, synthetic insulation might be a better option due to moisture management benefits. You will usually find a lower price point in a synthetic option over a down offering.

Burton Kids Reversible Flex Puffy Jacket



This holds especially true for toddlers and youth who are picky about what they like to wear. Typically, you will find puffy jackets and insulators have a buttery soft fabrication. Between their lighter weight and soft feel, you may find your child is less irritated wearing them. Children may also find a puffy jacket’s neck area to be more comfortable, as traditionally this is an area of high irritation due to rough fabrications. Some puffy and insulator styles are offered without a hood, eliminating bulk behind the neck.

Burton Kids Reversible Flex Puffy Jacket



A change of color or pattern on each side provides two styles in one. This helps make matching gear easier. But the real convenience, (let’s be honest,) is when one side is dirty, you can flip it around to the other side. While this feature is not in all puffy jackets, it can be found in select versions.

Burton Kids Reversible Flex Puffy Jacket


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