Satellite Snowboarding Event for Kids with Ambassador Christelle Rodas

We caught up with Riglet Ambassador and Guest Blogger, Christelle Rodas after co-hosting her first Riglet Park, a kids’ snowboarding event. Held at, and in conjunction with Satellite Board Shop, Christelle had two unique little helpers, her daughters Emma and Sophie. Learn more about Christelle’s experience in her guest post below.

Burton Riglet Kids Snowboarding Event


Starting my kids with snowboarding

It is because of Satellite Board Shop that I discovered the Burton Riglet program. The shop holds snowboarding events year-round. I just happened come across a flyer for one of their Riglet events and decided to see how toddlers could become mini snowboarders. I took my daughters Emma, who was two and a half, and Sophie, who was only eighteen months at the time. The girls loved it! We all got hooked and decided to go to the following events.

We started spending more time at the shop. Through talking with everyone I learned more about the gear options, and how to teach the girls to snowboard using the Burton Riglet Reel and Spooner board. Everyone at the shop is very helpful with gear tips and progression techniques. We’ve even been lucky enough to have one of them join us on a couple snowboarding trips, which was super fun and a great help.

Burton Riglet Kids Snowboarding Event


A need for a kids’ snowboarding event

The girls are becoming awesome little shredders, but they are missing a very important thing to make it even more fun. Friends and other little kids to go snowboarding with. I believe that the more the merrier, right?

This was our third season snowboarding, and the first year that we noticed other parents trying to teach their kids to snowboard. Unfortunately many parents still think their kids have to start on skis. We’ve had a lot of little kids pointing at Emma and Sophie and asking their parents to try snowboarding. Usually they get the same response. That they have to “learn to ski first.”

In co-hosting a Riglet snowboarding event with Satellite Board Shop it was my hope to show parents that it is possible for their toddlers to snowboard first. As well I wanted to show parents that snowboarding can be fun at a young age. Burton has made it easier for kids to learn with the Riglet Board, the Riglet Reel, and their Learn To Ride and Riglet Park programs that create unique teaching environments for little kids to learn in.

Burton Riglet Kids Snowboarding Event


Co-hosting my first Riglet Park

We started the Riglet snowboarding event at 10:00am and got our first, shy, early bird. He watched Sophie and Emma having fun in the Riglet Park for a while. We gave him some goodies and Riglet tattoos, but couldn’t quite convince him to give the park a try. And that’s ok. I think it was good start for him to just stay and watch, and for his mom to learn more about Riglet Snowboarding.

By 10:30am we hit our peak hour with a big group of kids from the local, Boulder area and even a family who had driven over an hour to come to our snowboarding event. They cycled through our different stations that we’d set up to keep all the kids busy.

First, they started with the Grab Mat Game. It’s like a twister game of sorts that teaches kids names and positions for different snowboarding grabs. It was a great way to introduce them to snowboarding, teaching them the feet positions they would need to ride on the Riglet board. The Grab Mat Game was also a great way for the kids to work on their numbers. They had to roll dice and match up the numbers to the grabs on the mat.

Burton Kids Snowboarding Event


The benefits of riding a Riglet Board

The most popular station however, was the Riglet Board snowboarding area. As all the mini snowboarders waited in line for their turn they were very kind to each other and patient. Another important quality to learn. We took turns pulling kids, two at a time. When the kids were shyer we had their parents hold their hands as we pulled them along through the course. It was great to see them smiling and trying new features they hadn’t been the most comfortable with at first. However, they soon became excited to go over those features. They kept trying new tricks like 180’s, or simply asked to go a little faster.

Riding a Riglet Board is a great balance exercise for kids, because it provides them an experience of standing sideway while moving. They work  balance throughout the movements of being pulled up and over the features, as well as around obstacles. Parents were able to share in the moment by pulling kids too, though many came to watch their kids in action. We taught the parents how to practice snowboarding with their kids at home and discussed the benefits of  taking a kid’s snowboarding lesson at a local Mountain.

Burton Riglet Kids Snowboarding Event


Goodies are essential

My favorite part of the day was at the end, giving the kids their goodies. We had temporary tattoos, stickers, and snacks. Kids love stickers and tattoos, so they didn’t last long. Healthy snacks were provided by Perky Jerky to fuel the entire family, (one our family’s favorite snacks.) provided awesome accessories to give away. They are a very supportive group of movements to get more girls into sports. At the very end of the event, one lucky shredder got to go home with their very own Riglet Board thanks to Burton Snowboards.

Burton Riglet Kids Snowboarding Event


Teaching families how to get their kids started

Emma and Sophie were great little Riglet Ambassadors, talking to the shyest kids, playing and being crazy with the wilder ones. Even pulling other kids around. They showed them how to use the different stations and took charge of the raffle and giveaways. For the girls it was an awesome event, like having a huge party. I was able to share a few tips with parents who were wondering how to start their kids with snowboarding. We talked about the benefits of the Burton Riglet board and the Hover Cover. I talked to them about the Riglet Reel accessory to help pull the kids around on snow. It’s one of my favorite accessories.

In conclusion, the Riglet Park snowboarding event was a great activity for kids to do on a Saturday morning. It was fun to see kids just being kids, playing and putting stickers everywhere. It was also great to see kids wanting to learn and progress, and show their parents that they can start on a snowboard.

I want to give special thanks to Yoshie from Satellite Board Shop, Ric from Square State Skate, and Woodward, Eldora. They made the Riglet Park snowboarding event a super fun experience.

Christelle Rodas is the mother of two, active girls, Sophie and Emma, who love to snowboard. She is also an official, Burton Riglet Ambassador. Christelle is based out of Boulder, CO and can be found snowboarding, biking and doing all kinds of fun, outdoor activities with her girls. You can follow Christelle and her daughters’ adventures on social via @christelle_rm