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On Board, In School

You can introduce kids to snowboarding anywhere -- indoors or out! Burton's new teaching program gives children the opportunity to learn to snowboard in the same gymnasium, classroom, or field where they learned to love soccer or basketball.

Let's get kids in shape and on the hill! As part of Burton’s ongoing efforts to grow youth snowboarding worldwide, we have developed our Riglet School Kits. With this complete package, you can introduce kids to snowboarding anywhere -- indoors or out! Burton's exciting new teaching program gives children who might otherwise never have the opportunity to learn to snowboard the chance to learn the basics in the same gymnasium, classroom, or field where they learned to love soccer or basketball.

School Kit Press

School districts across the country are getting kids active and standing sideways right now. Here is some of the positive press that the Riglet School Program has garnered for cool schools nationwide!

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Learn the Facts about the School Kit

How much does it cost?

$1,376.50 USD / 1,766.50 CAD plus tax & shipping

What comes in the kit?

3 Hover Covers
1 Instructional DVD
12 Pack of foam blocks for games
2 Pack of dice
1 Grab mat game
3 Dual-pull handles
1 Instructional Manual
3 Reels
9 Riglet School Boards
6 Pack of Spooner boards
3 Throwback School boards
3 Throwback Hover Covers
1 Snowboard Bag

See our testimonials for how to use this

Can I do this at my school?

Yes! Here’s some pictures and videos of the program at other schools. All you need is a flat surface and some space to move around.

How can I raise money to buy a kit for my school?

We have seen people get creative in a variety of ways to fundraise for kits. A lot of areas have grants available for PE. Sometimes your local mountain will sponsor a program and buy a kit to promote the growth of the industry. Other times, multiple schools in a district will pool their resources to buy one kit and share it within the district.

The SPARK Grant-Finder Tool helps you locate funding for your Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, Classroom Activity, or Coordinated School Health program. Grants can be used for curriculum, teacher training, or equipment.

Can I do this at home?

Sort of- this kit is intended for sale to schools and community organizations. If you think this describes your situation, then yes! Otherwise, check out our page for parents.

We spent a lot of time talking about access for kids and education in your life and here are students in Vermont that weren’t feeling like they could access riding. Now they’re going and we know that for a fact because families come and say thank you for showing our kids this. We’d never dream of taking them snowboarding before and now they want to go. This is Vermont. This is what we have to do. We have to get outside. That’s mission accomplished.
Michael Berry, Principal
When you think of PE you think of learning to play team sports, working on physical skills, which we still do, but to look in the gym and see kids riding on felt boards-- it’s awesome.
Michael Berry, Principal
We’ve got three hundred kids in the school and we did a survey last year and half the kids had never been to the mountain, and we have Cochrans ski area down the street. They didn’t know how to start. They didn’t know where to begin and we’ve kind of knocked down that issue and now we’ve got kids and families that are exploring skiing and riding for the first time
Brian Godfrey, PE Teacher, Richmond Elementary
I teach PK-4th grade and have been using the Burton PE Snowboarding program for the past 5 years. It's been fantastic for my younger students to have a positive first experience with snowboarding. The equipment allows for kids to learn to ride a snowboard inside without worrying about getting their winter gear on. Many of my students would never have had the chance to learn to snowboard unless it was taught in PE. My students are really eager to use the equipment each class, plus it's a great way to incorporate balance, flexibility, and core strength into my lessons. We typically do a few lessons inside, then remove the covers off take boards outside to ride on the snow. Definitely one of my students favorite units in PE!
Brian Godfrey, PE Teacher, Richmond Elementary
We’re working on fundamental snowboard movements using real snowboard equipment adapted to an indoor environment and also getting to have fun and get some excersise at the same time
Christan Newman, Snowboard Instructor, Mammoth Mountain
None of those kids had ever snowboarded before and it was pretty easy for them so I think they all want to do it. A lot of the time they’re intimidated, so I think the Burton program showed them how to get excited about snowboarding and showed them that they could do it. Then maybe we’ll involve even more kids doing it and we’ll have tons of kids out there on snowboards.
Emily Underkoffler, Teacher, Mammoth Elementary and After School Snowboard Coordinator
What I think is most unique about it is that it’s just as accessible to any kid. You’re just showing up to a day of school but you get introduced to the whole world of snowboarding in a really non-intimidating and accessible environment. It is really important that kids get out in an outdoor environment and especially in winter. There is so much to do. It opens up a whole world-- really a lifetime of recreation.
Craig Albright, Instructor, Mammoth Mountain

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