Interview with Designer Kyle Sauter: Creator of Orbit, The Riglet Space Dog

Have you heard about Riglet Spaceman’s new sidekick? His name is Orbit, the Riglet Space Dog! Orbit made his debut at the beginning of this winter as part of the new Burton Kids’ LTR board graphic. We caught up with the designer who created Orbit and the kids board graphic, Kyle Sauter. Learn about where Kyle got his inspiration for Orbit as well as the overall, space graphics that have become the theme for the Burton Riglet Snowboarding program.


How Did You Become a Designer/ Illustrator?

I’ve been drawing and snowboarding since I was a little kid. My dad drew a lot and would always encourage my brother, sister and I to do art. I remember knowing that I wanted to be a graphic designer at a pretty young age when I realized that it was someone’s job to make the graphics for snowboards. I ended up getting a job at a snowboard company right after college, and have been involved in snowboarding in one way or another ever since.



What Was the Inspiration for the Riglet Snowboarding Space Theme?

Originally the space theme was meant to be a fun, cartoony counterpart to the colorful, starry-nebula artwork that was designed for the adult versions of the Burton LTR snowboard, six years ago. Though the adult, LTR snowboard graphic has changed themes, kids seemed to be into the astronaut characters and space theme, so the design direction stuck around.


What Was the Inspiration for Spaceman’s Sidekick Orbit, the Space Dog?

When developing the newest LTR Kids’ board graphic, we wanted to give the astronaut character a friend to explore the universe with. Hillary, previously Burton’s Global Resort Marketing & Sales Manager, had a Bernese Mountain Dog named Greg. I drew him as the new space dog.

Greg The Dog

Download your very own Orbit, the Space Dog coloring art here.

Learn More About Kyle Sauter

Learn more about Kyle Sauter, and see more of his designs and illustrations by visiting his website or follow him on Instagram.