March into Spring with Kids Snowboarding

It’s March, and Spring is just around the corner, and for some of us it’s already here. Did you know Spring is a great time for kids snowboarding? If you’re a parent who’s been waiting for the perfect time to get your kids started, don’t wait for next season! Spring is the best time for them to learn. Here’s why.



Dress for success

With the warmer temps in Spring your little one’s don’t have to layer up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It’s easier to focus on fun and learning when your kids aren’t dealing with cold toes, fingers and noses. Reducing layers can free-up your kid’s snowboarding movements. Just make sure to check the weather before you head to the mountain. Spring can trick us with warm days before plummeting to chilly temps, or dumping a bunch of snow.


Soft Snow & Sunshine

With warmer temps comes softer snow. When we learn we sometimes fall. A softer landing is always welcome, especially for the littler ones as they learn and progress. Not to mention sunny warm days put everyone in a great mood. Who doesn’t want some more vitamin D after a long winter?


Budget Friendly

While some resorts will continue to see snowfall well into April and even May, many are coming to the end of their seasons. As some resorts wrap up for the season they may start to offer discounted lift tickets and lodging. Some will even offer discounted, kids’ snowboarding lessons. Likewise, snowboard shops often have a few great deals on gear and accessories that you can take advantage of. Check with your local snowboard shop or resort to see what kinds of kid snowboarding deals they might have.


Insight for Next Season

Taking advantage of soft snow, warm weather and deals from shops and resorts provides a great chance for you to introduce your kids to snowboarding in a fun and affordable way. You can gauge their excitement and interest for the following season. This way you can start planning next Winter’s family vacation, or even take advantage of early season pass deals for the whole family.

Ready to get your kids snowboarding? Visit our homepage to enter your zip code to find a Burton Riglet Park near you. Happy Spring!