Standing Sideways in the Summer

Written by Riglet Ambassador Megan Lanthier and daughter, Remy.

We’re lucky enough to live near a place where long seasons aren’t out of the ordinary. In fact, Remy’s first time on snow was a summer snowboard trip to Mammoth in June 2017 where she was first exposed to the snowboard lifestyle at only 3 weeks old. Our approach isn’t just about the snowboarding and how quickly she can progress, it’s about exposing her to the journey and lifestyle that snowboarding provides. That journey often includes 5-hour car rides, hotel room stays, and everything else that comes with not having the luxuries of home. All for maybe the 1-3 runs her little body can handle. Instead of pushing her to keep going, we try to make a day at the resort as enjoyable as possible (of course while mom and dad take their own turns).

Mammoth Mountain never ceases to amaze us with their commitment to keeping the mountain going despite summertime weather. This season, Mammoth Mountain had the longest season in California, staying open until July 28th! When we went about a month ahead of closing, the mountain was in prime condition from top to bottom. Discovery Chair 11 was the go-to lift for Remy and friend, Stella. Remy is always a little more motivated when she has a friend to ride with so it was great to get the two together. Being two years old we don’t expect her to necessarily learn anything new, but she did learn that she really likes riding the chairlift and getting psyched for the next run.

Remy enjoys a warm day of late season riding at Mammoth Mountain

Remy enjoying a late-season day of riding at Mammoth Mountain!

Traded in the snowboard for her skateboard and she’s off again!

After a few laps, it was time for Remy’s second favorite part about snowboarding, eating snacks. Snack time is when she likes to wander the lodge and talk to everyone in sight, all while holding a bag of her favorite candy. We like that she likes lodge life because my husband and I do too! For next season, we have a goal of riding together more as a family and continuing to progress Remy’s snowboarding journey one day at a time. Now that it’s summer we’ll continue standing sideways but we’ll be looking to our skateboards and wakeboards to tide us over until next winter!

Looking for more ways to get standing sideways this summer? We’ve got a few ideas: