The History of Riglet Snowboarding

Riglet Snowboarding has been a game-changer for kid’s snowboarding. What started as one parent’s idea, Jeff Boliba our VP of Global Resorts, to pull his son on a snowboard with a dog leash attached, quickly turned into the line of kids’ snowboarding products and programs you know and love today. Some of our products like the Riglet Reel, Handlebar, Hover Cover and Riglet Board have become pivotal learning tools both in our Riglet Parks and Riglet PE Program. You see, before the early 2000’s kids’ snowboarding products and programs were basically nonexistent and Burton, especially our employees who were parents, knew that this needed to change.

To pay homage to the work Burton has done to progress kids’ snowboarding, here is a flashback, highlighting the milestones and moments that got us here:

2001– The 90cm Learn To Ride (LTR) Kids’ Rental Snowboard was released. At this time, this was the smallest snowboard for kids. Shop the retail boards here.

2003– The Kids’ LTR Center program was established. This program focused specifically on the best teaching methodologies for kids.

2006– The Kids’ Progression Rental Boot was created, using velcro instead of laces for the first time in a kids’ boot. Shop the retail boot here.

2009– The Riglet Reel learning tool (originating from the dog leash idea in 2002) went to market. Shop this product here.

2010– The first Riglet Park ever created was at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games held in Whistler, British Columbia. The Riglet Park takes programming from our Kids LTR Centers and creates a play-based environment where kids have fun and learn how to snowboard.

2010– Following the Winter Olympic Games, the first permanent Riglet Park opened at Killington Resort in Vermont.

2011-2013– Following our first permanent Riglet Park opening, we partnered with various resorts to bring more Riglet Parks to life.

2012– Burton brought Riglet Parks into cities through our dryland/urban tour.

2014– Burton brought Riglet Snowboarding into K-2nd grade PE classes at schools. From this, the Riglet PE Kit was developed and has now been used in over 150 schools worldwide.


2014– The 70cm LTR Kids Rental Snowboard was released, to this day, it is the smallest board in the industry.

2017– Burton and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors teamed up to create a free e-learning Riglet course for instructors, teachers, and parents.

2018– The Riglet Park returned to the Olympics, this time in South Korea at Yongpyong Resort, aptly called the Riglet Snowboard Games.

2019– Riglet Snowboarding is introduced to Bulgaria at the 2019 Interski in collaboration with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without the passion of our employees and collaboration with our resort and industry partners but most of all, without the parents and kids who love snowboarding. We can’t wait to see what this passion and innovation holds for the future so be sure to follow along with our social channels and e-newsletters as we take kids snowboarding to the next level.

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